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How I Moved Across the Country (Cheap and Quick)

I graduated from Auburn University in December 2019 and accepted a job in Los Angeles, California that would start in February 2020.

That gave me about one month to spend time with my family, rest and recuperate, and plan a cross-country, 2,080 mile move!

I knew I needed to bring my car, my goldendoodle Peach, my favorite clothes and shoes, my kitchen stuff, and my bedding. Since my apartment was fully furnished besides my room, I decided to just sell my bedroom furniture from Auburn and buy new furniture once in California. This came out to be cheaper than paying to have all of my bedroom furniture and mattress shipped or professionally moved.

I seriously thought about every possible way to move. I researched and called a million places to get quotes. I considered driving my car, towing my car with an RV or rental SUV, renting a Penske truck, towing a U-Haul with my small sedan, filling and shipping a PODS container, packing my car full and road tripping alone, everything…

SO here is how I decided to do the move. It was definitely successful and I wouldn’t change anything if I were to move again!!

My mom and I booked flights for Saturday. My dog is an emotional support animal so she is able to fly with me for free. Since we flew Southwest, we each got to bring 2 check on bags (50 lbs each) and a carry on. So we flew with my dog, 4 LARGE suitcases, a carry on suitcase, and a backpack. ALL FOR FREE!!!!! Thanks Southwest!!!!

I shipped 9 boxes on Wednesday before the flight full of clothes and random things via UPS. (Pro Tip – UPS charges you by size of box, not weight. This is because they only have limited room in their trucks)

My car was shipped on an 18-wheeler on Thursday night before the flight. The trunk was stuffed FULL of pillows, clothes, dog crate, a rug, and other random things.

To sum up all of the expenses:

So yeahhh still a lot of money but totally worth it to avoid a four day road trip with hotel stays and gas! Happy to be all moved in and settled to my new home. I absolutely LOVE California and plan to stay for a while!