Stay Healthy My Friends

A Lil Bit About Me

WHADDUPPP! I am so happy you stopped by.

I am Hannah Rae but you can call me Hannah. Or Rae! Or Rae Rae – really anything you want that’s cute and halfway normal.

I have always been super passionate about health and fitness! I love helping people become their best selves and educating them on what they put in (and on) their bodies! I started this blog when I did my first WHOLE30 in January of 2018 and it has grown into a community for me to share my passion and meet so many amazing people.

Sooo I actually graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn University (War Eagle) and not Nutrition. By the time I found my passion it was really too late for me to feasibly switch my major. So I am finding a way to do both! I have a full time engineering job as a Project Manager at a Mechanical Contractor here in Southern California and run this blog in my free time!

I’m obsessed with my dog, Peach. She is a F1B GoldenDoodle and she is my world!

I love to run and workout as well!