Stay Healthy My Friends

2021 Holiday Gift Guides

Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

  1. Sand Cloud Towel

I have this Sand Cloud towel and I am obsessed. I use it as a beach towel and as a cute throw on my bed. It is thin and easily folds up into my purse or beach bag. They also wash super well. Highly recommend.

2. UGG Slippers

Expensive for slippers, but 100% worth it. I wear these non stop. I have had mine for two years and they have lots of life left. Pro tip – if you wear a women’s 8 or smaller, you can get the kids version for cheaper and they look the same 😉

3. Primally Pure ANYTHING (Discount Code: STAYHEALTHY10)

By far my favorite natural skincare brand. They have everything from natural deodorant to gua sha stones, dry brushes, and my favorite face washes and creams/oils. I have tried almost all of their products and I have loved all of them. If I had to pick my top 3 items that I cannot live without, I would choose:

  1. Cleansing Oil
  2. Clarifying Serum (great for acne and skin imperfections)
  3. Body Oil (a winter necessity)

4. ABLE Leather Backpack or Tote

I use this back pack every day as my work bag. I also use it as my travel back pack for the airport. It is so comfy and fits a full size laptop with tons of stuff. Amazing quality.

5. Gorjana Jewelry

My go-to necklace is the Parker. Love layering their pieces.

6. Our Place Skillet

These are on sale now!! The only pan you will need.

7. Silky Robe

Every woman needs a silky robe to throw on when chilling, doing a face mask, getting ready, etc.

8. Boobie Mug or Pot

I have a mug from Pipe Dream Pottery and I always get questions and compliments on it.

9. GOOP Products

The gift that keeps giving? A stylish vibrator from goop. Perfect addition to every woman’s night stand.

10. Loungewear

Some of my favorite brands include Barefoot Dreams, Lululemon, Vuori, PJ Harlow, and NikiBiki.

11. Scrunchies / Claw Clips

12. Coatigan

What you get when you combine a coat + cardigan. So trendy and so comfy.

13. Nail Salon Gift Card

This is one of my go-to gifts for people who are hard to shop for or have everything. Cant go wrong.

14. Essential Oil Diffuser

Vitruvi makes a super attractive stone diffuser sure to go with any decor.

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

  1. At Home Beer Brewing Kit

The perfect dad gift – beer + something to keep them entertained

2. Kitchen Knife – Damascus Steel 

Damascus steel is the wavy, patterned metal. Not only does it look cool, but dudes nerd out over it.

3. Nomadix Towel

All guys could use one of these. Great for yoga, beach, pool, camping, cleaning, everything!

4. Tools

what is the man in your life missing from his toolbox?!

5. Panini Press

Every dude can be a pro chef with one of these.

6. UE Speaker

These things keep a charge forever and JAM

7. Personalized Yeti Bottles

I got my BF one of these a while ago and it is still to this day one of his favorite gifts ever.

8. Patagonia Duffle Bags

These things are so durable and good for everything from camping to traveling. Such an essential.

9. Rumpl Down Camping Blankets

These down blankets compress into a tiny pouch. Great for camping, keeping in the car, picnics, and much more!\

10. Melin Hat

These are so stylish and waterproof too.

11. Sunglasses

Because all guys loose their glasses at some point.

12. Camping Chair

These little chairs come in handy all the time! Camping, picnics, etc.

13. Garmin Watch

14. Anything Vuori

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Fitness Guru

  1. Seed Synbiotics (Use Code: STAYHEALTHY15)

My #1 tip for people starting their health journey. The SEED Synbiotic is both a probiotic and a prebiotic. So essential to gut health. And if you don’t know what all your gut health effects, give that a google.

2. Bala Bands

Stylish ankle/wrist weights. I throw these on when I am doing a yoga sculpt class, full body workout, or even doing chores around the house.

3. Fanny Pack 

My favorite item on this list. I use my fanny pack EVERY DAY. It has replaced my purse since my lifestyle is so active. Perfect for daily use, hikes, long walks with the pup, running errands, and everything in between.

4. Cork Yoga Mat

I have this yoga mat (well my bf does and I use it) and its perfect for hot yoga. Since its cork, you can sweat all over it and it does not get slippery. It is a little heavy, but the large size makes up for it.

5. Foam Roller Water Bottle

I do not have one of these but I have used one and they are so cool.

6. Theragun 

Perfect for muscle recovery.

7. Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

I am a huge fan of massages and everyone I know would be thrilled to receive one this holiday season.

8. Air Pods 3

HUGE game changer to the headphone game. 10/10.

9. Ice Roller

Love ice rolling after a hot workout, hike, or even night of drinking. Swelling and puffy face be gone!

10. Booty Bands

I keep these in my gym bag and always use them for leg day!

11. Adidas Ultraboost

My favorite sneakers for weights, cross training, running, everything.